Heather & Martin

Engagement Photography

Heather & Martin are one of the coolest couples and it was so fun hanging out with these guys for their engagement shoot before their wedding day in August! We headed to Wisley Common for a short walk and took a few shots.

I learn so much during an engagement shoot, including about their children, what is important to them, how they have fun, how they met – all this information I can bring with me to the wedding day and it definitely helps me tell their story more effectively. Heather and Martin like to laugh – they aren’t afraid to feel embarrassed and really see the light in life.

They were fearless. I loved the way they approached their shoot. They approached their engagement shoot in the same way they approach their life – together. They didn’t care where we had the shoot, as long as they had fun together. I can’t wait for their wedding day at The Talbot Inn in Ripley.

Wisley Common is a small piece of the forest, which is rough and wild. Wisley Common has wild heather and ferns all over – perfect for a shoot. What I like to try and get away from is a mown lawn – too much green! This place was rusty, autumnal and had the perfect tones for an awesome engagement shoot.

Wisley Common

11 February 2017