Lucy & Jan were one of the first couples to book the new Botley Hill Barn Wedding Venue, and I must say it is beautiful! Regardless of the barn itself, the view from Botley Hill Barn is breathtaking. Unfortunately for Lucy & Jan, the heavens were open for most of the day, and we didn’t get to utilise much of the outdoor space. Inside has everything you need for a warm, joyous celebration that the weather isn’t an issue at Botley Hill Barn.

Lucy & Jan are the most beautiful humans who have spent their lives in far-flung places across the world, helping other people – Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, to name a few. Therefore I wasn’t able to meet Lucy & Jan much before the day, but I must say that it didn’t matter as they are so warm and welcoming I felt like one of the family.

This English/German fusion wedding will never be forgotten. I wish Lucy & Jan a very happy future together as they try to save the world. I’ve already got a couple more bookings for Botley Hill Barn in 2020 and can’t wait to go back.