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Hello! I’d love to tell you who I am and what I’m all about so here goes… My name is Amelia and I have been a wedding photographer for nearly ten years. I remember waking up on the morning of my first paid wedding and being utterly petrified that I was going to stuff it up. I was anxious, sweaty, jittery and an all-around mess. 10 years later – I wake up with JOY!

I know that we are going to have a fantastic day and that you get me, and I get you. There are many worries that can dampen your day and most of it is around the weather – and I’d like you to ask yourself why that anxiousness is there. It’s because of the photos. You want lovely photos! I can’t promise lovely weather but I can promise that I know what I’m doing and the weather doesn’t scare me.

In fact, from this moment on I don’t want you to worry about that – it’s my problem. I have a First Class Honours in Photography (not that it really matters) I just wanted to learn everything I could about photography. I’m not a tech nerd although my camera now feels like an extension of myself. I soon learnt through various projects and jobs that what makes me tick is people – more than that, couples.

I love seeing your progress through the years – I stay in touch with a lot of my couples through Instagram and it’s lovely to see your next steps together or even better I get invited back for other life events. I have shot over 300 weddings and counting as each week passes and each time I’m amazed at the personal stories and the way you met. It is without a doubt that I love my job and for as long as my body lets me I will continue to shoot love in all its forms, genders, and types.

Personally, I am self-confessed Dahlia addict, Type 1 Diabetic and can drink more tea than most people. I spend all of my time away from weddings in the garden. My happy place – consistently spending too much time on plant websites looking for things I’ve seen at weddings, people’s gardens or Monty on Gardeners World. Without a doubt, if I had to change careers I would be a gardener. I have a cat called Daffodil who is recently new addition to my household as a rescue from Battersea Cat’s Home. I also run a Girlguiding group for teenagers aged 14-19 in Egham – we often create campfires, go on long walks, and make weird and wonderful things and most recently the girls wanted to make refugee packages. I am so proud of my work with young people and they continue to amaze and ground me week after week. If you made it this far you know more about me than most and if any of that resonated with you then get in touch about your wedding day, family or even your products as I would love to hear about it.

Photos Taken
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I am very privileged to witness a couple’s happiest moments and capture them forever.

If you’re considering me as your photographer and want a feel of what you’re wedding photos could look like, here are some of my latest weddings.