Northbrook Park

Wedding Venue

Northbrook Park is set in the gorgeous town of Farnham and although it’s close to big towns cities such as Guildford it feels pretty rural. It gives you a feeling of privacy and quiet – well until the party kicks in!

The Vine Room

The venue is split into two different areas, the ‘Vine Room’ with large windows and marble floors this is a very elegant room for your ceremony. As a photographer, this room allows me to easily create beautiful images as it’s full of light – even in the middle of winter! It’s a huge room, which is decorated in a way that you can make it your own. If you’re getting married in the winter they light a lovely crackling fire just in front of where you get married.

The Orangery

The Orangery is the other half of Northbrook Park and for me, it’s the selling point. Bringing the outside in with vines growing all of the bare brick walls. This is a beautiful room that can host even the largest wedding. White drapes and mood lighting will give your wedding a feeling of romance, and atmospheric gorgeousness.

The Grounds

As you drive in you’re probably get stopped by a flock of ducks, or a stubborn peacock. The grounds are extensive and offer so many opportunities to make beautiful photographs. In particular, I like the fencing near the back and the log pile – not to mention the walled garden.

Here is my take at Northbrook Park, a truly unique wedding venue.

Northbrook Park, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 5EU

Northbrook Park Wedding Photography
Northbrook park Wedding Photography
Northbrook Park Wedding Photography