My guide to engagement posing! I hear it so often that the most nerve-wracking experience for a couple is posing a couple. It can be intimidating for any couples, as most have never had a professional couple photo shoot. So here are five tips about engagement posing, how I work, try to make it fun and get to know you!

Chobham Common Surrey Engagement Photography

1. Feel Good

A big part of nailing your engagement shoot is feeling good. Pick your favourite outfit, don’t be afraid to go for it. My advice for choosing an outfit for your shoot would be to look at colour palettes and make sure that you and your partner are complimenting each other. Gone are the days of matching white t-shirts and jeans, you can compliment without matching. I would also avoid big logos as they can be distracting from the moment and the fun. You might also be having a hair and make-up trial before the big day, what a great way to test it out?

Wales Engagement Shoot Photography by Fresh Shoot Studios

2. Questions

Taking part in an engagement shoot, especially if I’m shooting your wedding, is the perfect time to get to know you. What you like, your humour, how you met, who proposed, who made the first move – the list is endless. I ask a lot of questions during the shoot. I want to get to know you, it’s a big part of getting the most out of your wedding day.

Wales Engagement Shoot Photography by Fresh Shoot Studios

3. Simple Posing

Head touch:

A simple but effective trick if their heads are touching at any point you’ll get either a fit of giggles or an intimate and romantic shot.


All couples (mostly) love a cuddle. It will also make you feel less exposed. If you cling to one another, you’ll start to feel more confident as you’re together – and after all, that’s what it’s all about. My main posing technique is ‘have a cuddle’. Once you’re in this position, I can direct hands, heads and everything else.


Some couples will naturally move during the shoot – some will stay as still as a statue. At the beginning of the shoot let you know that it’s ok to breathe, move, scratch your nose, move your hair, reposition. Movement is encouraged, and some of the best shots can come from the in-between poses. Taking his hand to stabilise her position, falling over, being caught.

4. Play

There are a few different things you can do to create genuine happiness. Here are a couple of my favourite moves.

Kiss Chase:

Give a head start to one person and get the other to chase, and they should try to give a kiss! Simple, but some couples love the competitiveness of this, and you can get some great moments. Not for every couple, but you can be the judge of that!


Find a shallow ledge (not too high – as accidents can happen!) countdown and get them to jump together, holding hands – this is an enjoyable shot that couples love.

A Piggyback:

Simple, but effective.

Chobham Common Engagement Photography

5. Light, Light, Light

When organising the shoot, take note of when the sun will set or rise if you’re up for the early morning challenge. The earlier or later in the day that you organise your shoot the more interesting the light will be. That will make your images come to life. Midday sun can be very unflattering so I try to avoid shooting in it but don’t worry if you can’t do any other time, you can always find some nice light – that’s my job!

I hope these basic engagement posing tips will help you to create some natural and beautiful images of your own. Remember: There is no right or wrong way – if it works for you, you have fun and get to know me that’s the main thing.